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Since everyone else is doing it, here’s my bio as translated from

"I’d ludd ta hook up you inworld; Larry Lowtide. Peepin second game blogs so gangbang mah dirty ass. WHAT! Second Life edits n’ other bangin-ass SL thangs."

Apparently I’m Larry on gizoogle and I like gangbangs?

What? Lol

Sunday Funday!

Hey yall! I haven’t posted much of my own stuff for awhile because my laptop is so slllloooww lately. I got this one picture saved and then my viewer crashed.

I couldn’t get my viewer to log back in and stay logged on to get the credits.

Hair is Truth 

Top is group gift from Muchness & Muchly

If you would like to know about the pants or shoes, let me know in my ask and I’ll find out for you. I don’t remember right now.


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